Bigfoot’s Next Step

Big things are afoot, and they have little to do with any Sasquatch or Yeti.

But my news is much smaller than the aforementioned. At some point in the near future, this website will go down — or, rather, it will be taken down — or maybe it will migrate to its new host and remain standing. Maybe I — this domain — is already there, and I have moved the content from here to there as a stopgap.

Hell. I don't know. Were I the plumber in charge of the intertubes, we all would have drowned long, long ago. The most amazing thing about the internet is that it works at all.

I will still own and operate this domain — — but I am repurposing this domain for a new business adventure (or, perhaps, misadventure).

I have purchased a new domain for a personal website. As none of you know, I recently began a new blog (kept in a clandestine location) and I'm now in the process of migrating that blog to the new domain, I don't, honestly, know when that site will come online, but I am excited about it (even if you're not). I have been writing far more in these last two months than I have since I left graduate school. While the work I post at won't be polished in the way that we polish our more serious fictions, this medium of writing as been a good outlet and exercise and, if you'll pardon the cliché, a productive way to get out my daily pages when I find it tougher than not to move forward with the new novel.

Thanks for stopping by.


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